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Wiki Fandom Roblox Arsenal. Sandtown Classic is the original version of Sandtown that was added into private servers in the Winter Update There are planks connecting buildings and roofs to buildings On ground level it features a fountain in the heart of the map narrow pathways leading the buildings and a wide and open space making it not much of a hassle to find the action It also features a little shack.

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In 2018 right after a huge update to the current Arsenal ROLVe archived this version of Arsenal Arsenal Archived features old Maps old guns and old versions of skins The game used the Counter Blox engine witch meant everything that most weapons where taken directly from CBRO Ingame it functions like the current Arsenal except you only need 28 points to win Also.

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Arsenal is an FPS game made by ROLVe Community which is a community known for their work on Counter Blox When you join Arsenal you deploy in the main menu where you can shop for new skins and more When you play the game you are deployed somewhere with a knife and a random gun on the map so you can start killing people in either free for all or team.

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Arsenal 2018 is the 2018 10v of Arsenal During the Arsenal Anniversary update celebrating the modern version’s 1yearold birthday it was posted to the public to show what Arsenal looked like a year back All the weapons are from the Mega Update of Arsenal Community content is available under CCBYSA unless otherwise noted.

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The unofficial wiki for the games Arsenal developed by the ROLVe Community Hackula is back and tougher than ever Show off after every kill! Every gamemode in Arsenal Love is in the air and so is the smell of gunpowder.