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Why Can T I Get Robux. Because you Subscribed! When you buy Robux you receive only a limited nonrefundable nontransferable revocable license to use Robux which has no value in real currency By selecting the Premium subscription package (1) you agree that you are over 18 and that you authorize us to charge your account every month until you cancel the subscription and (2) you represent that.

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How To Instantly Get Free Robux In Roblox Youtube from … – OPREWARDS►Join The #BearSquad and comment "GRRR" to spread positivity! https://www.roblox.com/Groups/Group.aspx?g…

Robux transactions go through xsolla contact Xsolla using their online form Prepaid cards can not be verified (normaly buy taking less than £2 and getting you to confirm amount before they refund it ) I had to send xsolla a picture of my face with card (blacking out some of the long card number !) to get my sons new gohenry card verified.

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Why did I not get robux from premium? TRBCL • 13 December 2019 • User blogTRBCL I had Roblox Premium from 6/11/19 to 13/12/19 It expired.

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Why is Roblox not accepting payment? Credit cards can be declined for different reasons The billing address was entered incorrectly into the payment form Fraud prevention measures put in place by your banking institution were triggered Roblox’s fraud prevention measures were triggered ↑ Why can’t I buy 80 Robux anymore? You can’t You can only buy it.

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why can I not get robux G Gamer MellowSwirlC Yt Dec 7 19 Get link Report abuse I bought the robux card and it keeps saying it gave me the robux but it never did U User 16929144995415067755.

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But I got my account back thanks to Roblox support I learned some nice to have info from them hacking into my account 1Their login request was done in Vasylkiv Kyiv Oblast Ukraine 2 The golden pet from pet sim x that I deleted was named Stefan The info I mentioned is free to use for research pruporses.