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Use Localplayer In A Normal Script Roblox. Normal script (ServerSide) in ServerScriptService gamePlayersPlayerAddedConnect(function(player) playerKick(“lol”) end) LocalScript (Client side & it works but it can be bypassed by exploiters) in gameStarterGui gamePlayersLocalPlayerKick(“lol”) Aslo LocalPlayer can be only called by the client and not.

Why Does This Value Return Nil Scripting Support Devforum Roblox use localplayer in a normal script roblox
Why Does This Value Return Nil Scripting Support Devforum Roblox from

The issue with this script is the location is not specified (Edit) You also didnt weld it so it’s just floating in the air Another way you could try to do this script is making the morph always present but just setting the transparency to 1 and turn off collisions when it’s not on 1 level 1.

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Description LocalPlayer is a readonly property which refers to the Player whose client is running the game This property is only defined for LocalScript s (and ModuleScript s required by them) as they run on the client For the server (on which Script objects run their code) this property is nil See articles/Roblox ClientServer Model for more information on game networking on Roblox.


PlayerCharacterHumanoidRootPartCFrame = (targetHumanoidRootPartCFrame * CFramenew(0 groundDistance 9)).

Why Does This Value Return Nil Scripting Support Devforum Roblox

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My current issue is making a keypress work in a server script(if even possibledoubtful So another method is welcomed) and finding the character for the part to parent Script that I tried to find the local character wait(10) local function getPlayerFromCharacter(character) for _ player in.