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Send A Report To Roblox. Only enter your login information when logging in through the official robloxcom website or on the login screen of the official Roblox apps If an experience asks for this information for any reason at all even if it looks like an official Roblox request leave the experience and use the Report Abuse link located on the experience’s details page.

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I Can’t Send or Receive a Message If you can’t send a message to someone they’ve probably disabled private messaging and can’t receive any messages at this time If you want to make sure you can receive a message from someone or a reply from someone you messaged yourself make sure you’ve correctly set your privacy permissions.

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The Report Abuse button (which is now a GUI) was released on January 31 2007 and was the first way a user could report someone for breaking the rules Once the main HUD’s button is pressed a box entitled ‘Report Abuse‘ will ask for a description of the incident and what category it falls under It has been theorized that it takes two or more reports upon a player before it has.

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Check out Paintball! It’s one of the millions of unique usergenerated 3D experiences created on Roblox If you are restricted from joining and would like to play send me a friend request ** Press P to open the menu and view the store or select a weapon! ** Updates Summer Camp event finished Old maps added back in 7 new summer themed maps New summer lobby New.

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Also ROBLOX has recently been showing video ads for different companies before users enter a place (these companies are generally ones such as insurance phone carriers car companies and etc that advertise) Although Roblox does have its flaws it is mostly a friendly game that encourages children to build and program.

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On the menu there should be 5 sections of the fourth one will say “Report” Click the Report menu An alternative is to head to the player menu (which should be the first section that appears) and find the report button next to the specific player.