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Roblox Tool.dropped. The Equipped event fires when a player when a player takes a Tool out of their Backpack to use This event can be used to determine when a player stops using and puts a tool away.

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How to make the tools within a players backpack be dropped into the workspace once the player dies.

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How to Make Tools Drop on Death in Roblox StudioHey guys! Welcome back to a brand new roblox scripting tutorial In today’s roblox studio tutorial I will be.

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This video explains how to make a simplistic but clever drop system which you can use to randomize and give different weapons to the player when they defea.

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On desktop pressing a number key (1 2 3) will equip a tool Equipped tools can be dropped into the Workspace by pressing Backspace It’s recommended that you turn Tool/CanBeDropped off so it is not possible to drop a tool die respawn and drop again to duplicate tools On gamepads LB and RB buttons will equip tools.