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Roblox Studio String.match. Roblox Studio lets you create anything and release with one click to smartphones tablets desktops consoles and virtual reality devices Reach Millions of Players Connect with a massive audience by tapping into an incredibly enthusiastic and international community of over 50 million monthly players.

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< Return to Lua Chat System ChatService is a singleton object that handles the serverside behavior of the Lua Chat System namely ChatChannels and ChatSpeakers All ModuleScripts within the ChatModules Folder should return a function that function will be called with the ChatService singleton (this object).

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WaitForChild ( string childName double timeOut ) [CustomLuaState] [CanYield] Returns the child of the Instance with the given name If the child does not exist it will yield the current thread until it does Objects children ( ) [ Deprecated] Returns an array of the object’s children Instance.

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Ending Matches Practice modular programming by coding functions and events to end the game under two possible conditions the timer running out or a winning player being found Use for loops and pairs () to iterate through a table and remove specific players from a game.

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