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Roblox Studio Localization Table. TABLE OF CONTENTS ABOUT THIS PROSPECTUS 1 Roblox Client is the application that allows users to explore 3D digital worlds Roblox Studio is the toolset that allows developers and creators to build publish and operate 3D experiences and other content accessed with the Roblox Client Localization and compliance systems embedded.

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The localization tools are a plugin included in Roblox Studio and used to localize and translate games response to an incoming wave from of foreign players they were first added on March 8 2018 Announcement Documentation on the Roblox Developer Hub.

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A LocalizationTable is a database of translations It contains source strings and translations for various languages It is used with Translator and the LocalizationService autotranslator system to control text translations in the game LocalizationTables are designed to be treated as resources like a texture or a script.

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Beginner’s Roblox Scripting Tutorial #18 Tables (Beginner to Pro 2019)Hey guys! Welcome back to another roblox scripting tutorial and in today’s video I am.

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Returning Values from Tables Search a table using pairs() or ipairs() for half of any table element such as the key or value to find and return the other half The example uses an array listing ships waiting to be repaired ipairs() is used to return a ship’s place in line.

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Tables are a way to group multiple values together Unlike variables that store just a single value tables don’t have a fixed size and can hold a mix of different value types With tables you can group together stats for an ingame item or create a list of thousands of player names There are different types of tables.