Roblox Studio How To Make Multiple Bricks Into One

Roblox Studio How To Make Multiple Bricks Into One. I’m working on a spleef Minigame the problem is that there is one script for each brick and I don’t find that is a good way to manage the blocks with the falling script So I thought about make one script for every block but I don’t know how to do it Here is my current script local Block = scriptParent local Debris = gameGetService(“Debris”) Connection =Jul 24 2021Feb 16 2019Nov 10 2017Oct 02 2016.

How To Change A Brick S Color Using Roblox Studio With Pictures roblox studio how to make multiple bricks into one
How To Change A Brick S Color Using Roblox Studio With Pictures from

Open “Roblox StudioCreate a structure by dragging bricks from the “Bricks” tab into the game world Arrange multiple bricks in a pattern such as in the shape of a house person or letters Highlight all of the blocks by dragging your mouse across to the screen to create a box that encompasses all of the bricks.

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Roblox Studio lets you create anything and release with one click to smartphones tablets desktops consoles and virtual reality devices Reach Millions of Players Connect with a massive audience by tapping into an incredibly enthusiastic and international community of over 50 million monthly playersMissing bricksMust include.

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I have multiple copies/instances of the same part/model and each instance has its own copy of a server script I’m trying to figure out a way to put all these scripts into one place so that edits don’t have to be copied across all these instances and instances don’t have be recreated every time I decide to edit the script WMissing roblox studiobricksMust include.

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You can stick parts together on Roblox using a ‘weld’ You can use a weld by going to the 2/more bricks that you are going to put together and going to.

How To Change A Brick S Color Using Roblox Studio With Pictures

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