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Roblox Studio Get Player From Character. to get a character you should do it like this nameCharacter should be the correct wording as a player bool has a character value and the thing your trying to search aka ” gameWorkspaceFindFirstChild(name)” means that your searching for a item in the workspace gameWorkspaceFindFirstChild(name) could work if it was.

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local RunService = gameGetService(“RunService”) local player = gameGetService(“Players“)LocalPlayer local PlayerModule = require(playerWaitForChild(“PlayerScripts”)WaitForChild(“PlayerModule”)) local Controls = PlayerModuleGetControls() local RIGHT = Vector3new(100)Missing roblox studioMust include.

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Solution for “roblox studio how to get the character” local player = gamePlayersLocalPlayer local character = playerCharacter if not character or not characterParent then character = playerCharacterAddedwait() end.

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Roblox Services local ContextActionService = gameGetService(“ContextActionService”) local Players = gameGetService(“Players“) Variables for the player camera and player’s mouse local player = PlayersLocalPlayer local camera = workspaceCurrentCamera local mouse = playerGetMouse() Configuration variables Sets the player‘s speed 200000 will go fast Missing roblox studioMust include.

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Description This function returns the Player associated with the given Player/Character or nil if one cannot be found It is equivalent to the following function local function getPlayerFromCharacter(character) for _ player in pairs(gameGetService(“Players”)GetPlayers()) do if playerCharacter == character then return player.

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Once you have a reference to the Player object/Instance PlayerCharacter can be used to reference their Character Model Depending on your use case you may want to define their Character as local Character = playerCharacter or playerCharacterAddedWait () in case there’s a circumstance where you may need to wait for the player’s Character to respawn/loadMissing roblox studioMust include Jul 04 2020Jul 01 2020Jan 10 2020Apr 24 2019.