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Roblox Scams Suck. I’d like to start off by saying that Minecraft and Roblox suck and below are the reasons why Roblox Basically a site that a bunch of white underprivileged 8 year olds rule where one must actually pay to make his/her avatar look half decently “sexy” The people that play Roblox are just mentally deranged animals that are offended by the.

Roblox Bans Quackity Twitter Explodes With Quackity Is Bald Movement roblox scams suck
Roblox Bans Quackity Twitter Explodes With Quackity Is Bald Movement from

Player Trading Scams Roblox cannot enforce deals made between players outside our official features There are a couple of official ways to transfer items or Robux between accounts All other methods are unofficial and should be treated as suspicious The official systems are the Trade feature and the Selling features (on clothing Missing suckMust include.

Even though this subreddit is dead, I might aswell give

Before saying Roblox was made first than minecraftJust to let you know People make games of minecraft and put sound effects on their gearI keep reading theMissing scamsMust include.

12year old scammed in Roblox HELP!!!

This evening he was on Roblox and someone offered him an item as a possible trade When he went to look at it somehow the other trader managed to get ALL of his Roblox items worth 65000 Robux (about $900) in the real world People who scam suck and those who scam on Christmas suck especially hard I hope your DC can see the light at the.

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Roblox doesn’t suck but roblox isn’t a game reply [deleted] 5 ups 1y 1 reply It doesn’t suck but it’s just not as good as minecraft well roblox copide minecrafte and the roblox comiunity ar toxic in minecrafte you can be staffe even with steave ok roblox is toxic and fool of scams reply [deleted] 0 ups 1y Show More Comments Flip.

Roblox Bans Quackity Twitter Explodes With Quackity Is Bald Movement

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12year old scammed in Roblox HELP!!!

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