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5 Best Ways To Fix Roblox Error Code 267 The Game Statistics Authority roblox kick script with a reason on roblox
5 Best Ways To Fix Roblox Error Code 267 The Game Statistics Authority from

Full script local Banned = {“ROBLOX”}gottfriedhelnweininterviewcomsUSERNAME = Put the username you want to banNOT DISPLAY NAME REASON = Put the reason for banning the playerIt must look like this! Kick them or make a ban scriptYour script will not do anything as it will run when the server starts and will only check the first.

Roblox ban player script

how to vote kick on roblox phantom forces Stylis Studios On Twitter Make Sure You Use Votekick For A Legitimate Reason And No A High Rank Is Not A Legitimate Reason Credits To U Pluckydog For The Meme Got A stylis studios on twitter make sure Working Phantom Forces Script Auto Aim Auto Shoot Anti Kick Ban And More Youtube auto aim auto.

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Kick GUI for Roblox a guest Aug 24th 2019 17581 Never FireServer(framePlayerText frameReasonText) end end) end coroutineresume(coroutinecreate(SCRIPT_YUCB77_FAKESCRIPT)) RAW Paste Data Public Pastes Noob Helper Formatter .

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Script Anti Kick There is a cooldown between votekick attempts irrespective of which player started it (03072020 0400 PM) Clinton Wrote game Any Roblox Script you downloaded such as a Roblox God Script Admin Script Exploit Scripts Scripts Op Hack Scripts Money Script Kill Script or a New Script Hub they are all executed by a VO.

5 Best Ways To Fix Roblox Error Code 267 The Game Statistics Authority

FE] Kick menu [ROBLOX

This kick system’s kick reason is the player’s name? Roblox

Kick GUI for Roblox

Kick a player roblox exploit

Script Kick Roblox [QXJ6T4]

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I’m currently making a kick system in my game which you type in all the info (player to kick and the reason) into textboxes Then you press a button and it fires a remote event on the server to kick the player in the player textbox It works but the reason box thing doesn’t Everytime I test it out it always prints the player’s name instead of the actual reason Here’s myJan 10 2022Oct 06 2020Sep 14 2020Aug 06 2020.