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G E R M A N Y F L A G I D R O B L O X Zonealarm Results from g​e​r​m​a​n​y​ ​f​l​a​g​ ​i​d​ ​r​o​b​l …

As I am an avid player of the game/building platform known as Roblox I come to enjoy creating and exploring new or things that interest me on the platform As I am an American with German blood in my veins I thought it would be interesting to create a World War 2 Kriegsmarine roleplay group as not many existed at the time When I created a heavily censored decal of the flag I.

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By @NyanLore Earn this Badge in Find The Flags You have found the flag of Germany Type Badge Updated Nov 30 2019 Description You have found the flag of Germany.

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732601106 In the Roblox game the Ids are animated images or elements such as decals There is an item ID of every shot in the game and it is the number that every player can get under every link of an image It will help to define the image with a unique number.

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G E R M A N Y F L A G I D R O B L O X Zonealarm Results

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