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Roblox Cube Cavern Crafting Guide. Super Cube Cavern is the indirect sequel to Robot 64 Void Script Builder (Place 2) 78% 1 Set this to 0 0 0 img (StringValue) The image tooltip of your tool SoundCloud 87% 59 All of the boss process is inside the script in the boss folder itself.

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Cube Cavern is a RNGbased dungeon exploration game on ROBLOX Don’t let that part drag you away because it’s a game unlike any other (except Eldritch but you get the point) There’s plenty of items to find purchase and craft to help you on your adventure or be completely useless but fun to use anyway BOSSES.

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How do you craft in cube cavern on Roblox? To craft items place 2 items that can combine to craft things on the crafting bench by holding “Q” and hovering over to the kind of item you would like to drop The crafting bench can be found in the center of the Lobby Store and in dungeons behind locked doors How do you make the clown car in Super Cube cavern? How to Craft.


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How do you craft in Super Cube cavern? The player can craft new items using two preexisting items by dropping them into a Combination Box Here is a list of all the possible recipes Stick + Rock = Dagger Stick + Rope = Bow Stick + Fabric = Backpack Stick + Stick = Boomerang Rock + Rock = Boots Rock + Rope = YoYo Rock + Fabric = Baseball.