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Roblox Battle Of Mars Unsc. During the HumanCovenant War a contingency plan was composed where Earth&#39s and Mars&#39 military industry facilities would be relocated .

Roblox Unsc Mars The Infinity Youtube roblox battle of mars unsc
Roblox Unsc Mars The Infinity Youtube from Roblox: UNSC Mars The Infinity – YouTube

They&#39ll hatch a ride on the frigates and so on into battle Similar battles erupted simultaneously as Covvie forces besieged Mars .

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The ground will rumble there&#39ll be lightning in the sky! Don&#39t you worry don&#39t come undone! It&#39s just my ghost on a PT run!” — UNSC Marching Song.

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Roblox Unsc Mars The Infinity Youtube

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The fate of Mars after the battle remains unknown Ackerson&#39s work in this battle helped buy UNSC ground forces on Earth precious time Military Forces.