Roblox Ban Me For 3 Days Why Crys

Roblox Ban Me For 3 Days Why Crys. For 3 days I&#39ve been getting kicked from games for no apparent reason now only one game is kicking me(error 267) I dont believe account .

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NO WAY OH MY GOSH SO I just found out that trading is getting uhmm well just watch the video to find out more chile omgMY .

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i got permanently banned from roblox and i&#39m really sad i might go cry❤️ HELP ME REACH 4 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS .

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Banned for three days in Spanish English Translation This content is not appropriate Hate speech is not permitted on Roblox.

What happens after 2 warnings in Roblox? What if I get a 3day ban

3 day ban 72 hours from the time the moderation was initiated If you would like to discuss your bans please use the Appeals system .

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BANNED from TRADING in Adopt Me! I'm Crying (Roblox) YouTube

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Here&#39s what you can do to get unbanned on any Roblox game and avoid violating It could be a 1 day 3 day 7 day or even a 14 day ban.