Roblox A Script That Restarts

Roblox A Script That Restarts. I&#39m trying to make a stun script that will run everytime the player is hit The issue is that whenever the player is hit twice .

Roblox How To Make A Punch Script 2019 Fe Youtube roblox a script that restarts
Roblox How To Make A Punch Script 2019 Fe Youtube from Welcome back everybody!Today I'm showing you how to make a Punch Script in Roblox. People can press the F key to punch other players and deal damage, just li…

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Im trying to make a script that will run when a player clicks a part The Script duplicates itslef and runs again when the player clicks on .

Script Keeps Restarting when a Click Event Occurs

The only think I can think of is to teleport all players to a different server but it seems very inefficient and I would rather restart the .

Merely on Twitter: "Soft Shutdown script! Lets you reboot all servers

ok so i was wondering if there is a way to say to the script to jump at the begin is there a built in function?.

Roblox How To Make A Punch Script 2019 Fe Youtube

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you how to make your own SoftShutdown system in your Roblox game kicking players on server restart) | Roblox Scripting Tutorial.