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Reviews On Roblox. Roblox has a consumer rating of 273 stars from 797 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases Consumers complaining about Roblox most frequently mention customer service credit card and year olds problemsRoblox ranks 31st among Role Playing Games sites Service 143.

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43 • 216 Ratings Listen on Apple Podcasts My son Alden likes Roblox (and gaming in general) In this podcast I interview him on what he likes doesn’t like and what he recommends everyone play (and avoid) Feel free to email us your suggestions for games alden (at) aldengamingcom Listen on Apple Podcasts JAN 2 2022.

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ROBLOX is a very good game if you know what you’re doing I recommend if your child is too young to know most right from wrong then monitor the child’s account If a user’s account is detected to be under the age of 13 ROBLOX automatically filters words such as “idiot” “crap” etc (I think) to make it safer for the younger audience.

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ROBLOX ROBUX Ratings & Reviews 47 out of 5 Based on the total ratings of 126 orders in the past year Feedback Comment Left by Date there was a delay but it was my fault for not changing the price 3 K ROBLOX ROBUX.

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Roblox is an awful company shame as little kids like the apps i am afraid it will only lead to tears and disappointment with your child if you get them an account pretty much EVERY child in my little ones class has been scammed or more worryingly hacked they do nothing totally incapable of just reversing the transactions customer service is woeful and the scammers know that by.

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As a frequent ROBLOX PC player the PC version is far superior than this extremely buggy poorly executed version You only have a limited amount of games to play unlike in the PC version where you could search up ANY game created on ROBLOX Many/Some games on ROBLOX that people like don’t provide XBOX support which could get really frustrating.