Where Is The Best Place To Find Indian Arrowheads?

Can you keep arrowheads you find?

Most rural kids who grew up in the west probably have an arrowhead they found.

It is not illegal to possess such artifacts, as long as they were legally acquired.

If found on private land, generally legal..

Where can I find Indian arrowheads in Alabama?

Look for potential village sites or campsites using a topographic map. Although Native Americans frequently lost arrowheads during hunts, far more were abandoned in villages and campsites. You will have the best luck finding arrowheads in these abandoned settlements.

Are arrowheads worth any money?

If they are authentic, they can be a great investment. The value of high-grade authentic arrowheads has increased year over year, sometimes by as much as fifty percent! However, if you do have arrowheads for sale, then the stores at Arrowheads.com is a great place to do so.

What does it mean when you find an arrowhead?

It symbolized courage, strength, and protection. Native Americans believed the arrowhead could deflect negative energy and allow the wearer to absorb their enemy’s power. Through the decades, the arrowhead has continued to be worn or carried by many.

Where is the best place to find arrowheads?

Lakes, ponds, shallow creeks, and rivers that offered clean, pure water are a great place to find arrowheads.

What to look for when searching for arrowheads?

Places with sandy loam or in old swamps are potential search sites as these have been former settlements of Indians. Shallow waterways like creeks and rivers, and lakes are also promising sites as debris like rocks and arrowheads tend to make their way to these bodies of water.