What Is Meant By Secondary Sector Give Examples?

What are examples of secondary sector?

Secondary / manufacturing sector – concerned with producing finished goods, e.g.

Construction sector, manufacturing and utilities, e.g.


Service / ‘tertiary’ sector – concerned with offering intangible goods and services to consumers.

This includes retail, tourism, banking, entertainment and I.T.


What is the role of secondary sector in Indian economy?

(i) The Secondary sector contributes more than 20% to the GDP of India. (ii) It provides employment to the people. (iii) It provides goods to the people like cloth, sugarcane, iron and steel. (iv) The Secondary sector promotes the development of the Primary and the Tertiary sectors.

What is the example of tertiary sector?

Definition. The tertiary sector covers a wide range of activities from commerce to administration, transport, financial and real estate activities, business and personal services, education, health and social work.

What is meant by secondary sector?

The secondary sector covers all those activities consisting in varying degrees of processing of raw materials (manufacturing, construction industries).

What are the examples of secondary products?

Definition. “Secondary products” refers to all resources that can be extracted from domestic animals during their life as opposed to after death, including milk, blood, dung, fiber, and labor/traction.

What comes under secondary sector?

The Secondary sector of the economy includes those economic sectors that create a finished, usable product: manufacturing, construction and electricity, gas & water supply.

Why secondary sector is important?

The large scale manufacturing industries include steel, automobiles, aluminium, etc., The secondary sector forms a substantial part of GDP, it creates values (goods) and it is the engine of economic growth and is crucial for all developed economies, although the trend, in most developed countries, is the predomi- nant …

What is the importance of secondary sector in the economy?

The Secondary Industry plays a key role to drive the economy of a country. It also forces the global economy to expand and provides opportunities for countries to develop trade agreements. The Primary Industry extract raw material while the Secondary Industry uses these products to make the yields we use.

Is a chef in the secondary sector?

Please note: In a comment, Sadiq Ali points out that restaurants prepare food, as well as serve it, and therefore should be considered as having the characteristics of both manufacturing, which falls within the secondary sector, and of a service industry, which falls within the tertiary sector.

What are the two types of secondary industry?

Secondary industries are of two types:Manufacturing industry: These industries are engaged in the manufacturing of various types of goods. … Construction industry: These types of secondary industries are engaged in construction activities such as dams, bridges, buildings, roads, tunnels, etc.

What is the difference between primary and secondary products?

Primary products are products in their natural states for example, raw materials that are “extracted” from the land or ocean. Secondary products are products that have been processed. … Most products from the primary industry sector are considered raw materials for other industries.