What Is Good Salary In New Zealand?

What is the average salary in NZ 2019?

In the year to the June 2019 quarter: median hourly earnings from wages and salaries increased $0.50 (2.0 percent), to $25.50.

gender pay gap was 9.3 percent.

median weekly income from wages and salaries was $1,016….Hourly wage and salary earnings rise 2.0 percent annually.YearMenWomen20193.33.220 more rows•Aug 20, 2019.

What is the average annual income in New Zealand?

$102,613For the year ended June 2019: average annual household income (gross) was $102,613. average annual household disposable income (after tax and transfer payments) was $81,934. average annual household equivalised disposable income (after tax and transfer payments) was $45,744.

What is the highest paying job in NZ?

The 11 Highest Paying Jobs in New ZealandCivil Engineer. Civil engineers design, plan and oversee the building of bridges, roads and water supply systems. … Quantity Surveyor. … Software Developer/Programmer. … General Practitioner. … Physiotherapist. … Veterinarian. … Nurse. … Radiographer (Medical Radiation Technologist)More items…•

How much is fuel in NZ?

For comparison, the average price of gasoline in the world for this period is 1.83 New Zealand Dollar….New Zealand Gasoline prices, 18-Jan-2021.New Zealand Gasoline pricesLiterGallonUSD1.4995.674EUR1.2394.6901 more row

What is the basic salary in New Zealand?

The minimum wage rate for starting-out workers is: $15.12 an hour before tax. $604.80 before tax for a 40 hour week.

What salary do you need to live comfortably in NZ?

But many people live comfortably on the pension. New Zealand’s median income is $52,000. Sixty per cent of four-person households earn more than $102,500. Working for Families credits are available to households earning up to $120,500, if they have four or more children.

How much is the rent in New Zealand?

Rental costs In August 2018, TradeMeProperty reported that the national median weekly rent for a small house (1 to 2 bedrooms) was NZ$390 a week, and NZ$525 for 2 to 4 bedrooms.

What is a good salary in NZ?

$171,000The optimal NZ salary is more than three times the average wage – study. A US study has found there’s an optimal earnings point that makes individuals happy. In New Zealand that “optimal” salary is $171,000, according to research from Purdue University in West Lafayette.

What is good salary in Auckland?

With a partner and kids You’ll probably want at least $100,000 between the both of you unless you own a home with a low mortgage in which case you could do with less. Is $60,000 a good salary for Auckland, New Zealand? I ever lived in Auckland with 55k, single income, wife and a daugther.

What is the lowest paying job in NZ?

The lowest paid jobs in New Zealand, relative to qualifications and experience, are all in the services sector, with hotel receptionists, waiters/waitresses and bar staff regularly being rated right at the bottom of the scale.

What jobs are in demand in New Zealand?

The upheavals we’ve seen in the job market this year have impacted which industries have the most demand for new workers….Top 20 most-needed jobs in New Zealand.Most-needed jobsCurrent rankChange since FebNursing-All roles1+4Administrative Assistants2-1Warehousing, Storage & Distribution30Developers / Programmers4016 more rows

How much money do you need to live comfortably in New Zealand?

The average cost of living in New Zealand is not so attractive. In fact, a family a four spends around 6,000 NZD to 8,000 NZD (3,600 to 4,800 USD) per month. Why is it so expensive to live in New Zealand? The answer is simple….Cost of Living in Wellington.Single expat1,300 NZD790 USDFamily of four4,600 NZD2,800 USDApr 21, 2020