What Does The Word Supremacy Mean?

What are the Supremacy of Constitution?

A system of government in which the law-making freedom of parliamentary supremacy cedes to the requirements of a Constitution.

The Constitution binds all governments, both federal and provincial, including the executive branch.


What is global supremacy?

Global Supremacy is an open-ended strategy game with the goal of getting as much Territory as possible. Build Bases and upgrade them to increase your Influence. Bases with more Influence increase your Income and cover a larger area on the Map.

Is superiority a word?

noun. the quality or condition of being superior.

What is supremacy of the law?

Supremacy of the law is a fundamental concept in the western democratic order. The rule of law requires both citizens and governments to be subject to known and standing laws. … This principle is a further development of the principle of equality before the law. Laws should not be made in respect of particular persons.

What does Barbarian supremacy mean?

The term implies that the time between the fall of the Roman Empire and the European Renaissance was a period of decline for Europe.

How do I overcome inferiority complex?

Build Your Self Confidence. … Positive Self-Talk. … Surround Yourself With Positive People. … Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. … You need to be kind to yourself. … Don’t think in absolutes. … Practicing Assertiveness. … Learning to Say “No”.More items…

What is another word for supremacy?

In this page you can discover 53 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for supremacy, like: sovereignty, domination, supreme, supreme authority, command, power, celestial, crucial, eminent, incomparable and inimitable.

How do you use supremacy in a sentence?

The early history of the country is the story of a struggle for supremacy between the cities. The supremacy of the emperor is not called in question. In May he refused to take the oath of supremacy, acquiring like his colleagues consistency with old age.

What is another word for hegemony?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hegemony, like: influence, administration, command, control, dominion, authority, leadership, power, dominance, domination and imperialism.

What is another word for dominance?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for dominance, like: power, weakness, subordination, advantage, superiority, ascendance, ascendancy, domination, paramountcy, predominance and preeminence.

Is Barbarian a slur?

Not only is it a slur on its own, but it derives from a slur. The Greek word barbaros means essentially the same thing, and comes from the equivalent of making ching-chong noises at an Asian person – “barbarbar” is how a lot of other languages sounded to them.

What is the opposite of supremacy?

supremacy. Antonyms: inferiority, subordination, subjection.

What does inferiority mean?

Inferiority is the quality of being worse than other things or people. … Most people agree on the inferiority of a TV dinner to a home-cooked meal. When someone feels like they are always worse off than others, they have an inferiority complex. Inferiority is the opposite of superiority.

What does inferiority mean in psychology?

Definition of an Inferiority Complex The American Psychological Association (APA) defines an inferiority complex as “a basic feeling of inadequacy and insecurity, deriving from actual or imagined physical or psychological deficiency.” At its core, it is a feeling used to denote a strong sense of being less than.

What does stagnation mean?

Stagnation is a prolonged period of little or no growth in an economy. Economic growth of less than 2 to 3% annually is considered stagnation, and it is highlighted by periods of high unemployment and involuntary part-time employment.

Is Barbarian a bad word?

Barbarian is an insulting word for a person from an uncivilized culture or a person with no manners. The barbarian hordes are long gone, but we still use this word as an insult for anyone who’s acting rude, uncultured, or particularly savage. …

What part of speech is supremacy?

noun. the state of being supreme. supreme authority or power.