Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Tolerably?

Is Unvaluable a word?

adjective rare Not valuable; having little value..

What does tractable mean?

1 : capable of being easily led, taught, or controlled : docile a tractable horse. 2 : easily handled, managed, or wrought : malleable.

What is the meaning of Falstaffian?

adjective. of, relating to, or having the qualities of Falstaff, especially his robust, bawdy humor, good-natured rascality, and brazen braggadocio: Falstaffian wit.

How do you use considerably?

Use “considerably” in a sentence | “considerably” sentence…He has added considerably to his piano repertoire.This forced the cost of living up considerably.The castle was enlarged considerably in the fifteenth century.The course has now been shortened considerably.Ideas on childcare may differ considerably between the parents.More items…•

What part of speech is tolerable?

adjective. capable of being tolerated; endurable: His arrogance is no longer tolerable.

How do you use tolerably in a sentence?

Tolerably sentence examplesand he is also tolerably characteristic in outlook. … The winter is tolerably mild; snow melts as it falls, and even on the mountains does not lie long. … Mahomet in Medina is tolerably complete.More items…

What does valuably mean?

val·u·a·ble. (văl′yo͞o-ə-bəl, văl′yə-) adj. 1. Having considerable monetary or material value for use or exchange: a valuable diamond.

What is the meaning of rotund?

marked by roundness1 : marked by roundness : rounded. 2 : marked by fullness of sound or cadence : orotund, sonorous a master of rotund diction. 3 : notably plump : chubby.

How do you use valuable in a sentence?

I learned a valuable lesson. He made many valuable contributions to the field of science. The volunteers provide a valuable service to the community. She is a valuable member of the staff.

How do you use forcible in a sentence?

Forcible sentence examplesThe argument was forcible, but the courts decided against them. … It is a forcible plea for freedom of conscience. … In William’s theory, the forcible conquest of England by strangers was an untoward accident.More items…

What is the meaning of tolerable?

1 : capable of being borne or endured tolerable pain. 2 : moderately good or agreeable : passable a tolerable singing voice.

What does Changeably mean?

1. Liable to change; capricious: changeable weather. 2. Being such that alteration is possible: changeable behavior.

How do you use valuably in a sentence?

‘That space could be more valuably used for luggage because the boot, not unexpectedly, shrinks from 410 litres to just 175 when the roof goes into its hideaway. ‘ ‘Particularly valuably for an English-speaking audience, they draw on Russian publications that have not yet received much notice in the West.