Quick Answer: What Are The Requirements For Multiple Cropping?

What is multiple cropping in Palampur?

More than one crop grown on a piece of land during the year is known as multiple cropping.

People in Palampur are able to grow three different crops because they have electricity and well-developed irrigation system.

Many of the farmers grew potato as the third crop in their field..

What are the three advantages of multiple cropping?

Advantages of Multiple Cropping:It is a better source of soil utilization.It improves yield.Increase yield per unit of land.Increase the crop production.Export increase.Foreign exchange increase.Costs of input decrease as compared to individual crop growing cost.Reduce pest and disease attack.More items…•

What is multiple cropping with example?

In agriculture, multiple cropping is the practice of growing two or more crops simultaneously in the same space during a single growing season. … One example of multi-cropping is tomatoes + onions + marigold; the marigolds repel some of tomato’s pests.

What is multiple cropping explain its characteristics?

To grow more than one crop on a piece of land during the year is known as multiple cropping. It is the most common way of increasing production on a given piece of land. All farmers in Palampur grow atleast two main crops; many are growing potato as the third crop. … Multiple cropping enables the fertility of the soil.

What are the types of multiple cropping?

Corn is grown in a multiple-cropping system. Such systems involve growing two or more crops on the same field in a year. Sequential cropping (growing one crop after another in the same year) and intercropping are types of multiple cropping and include numerous different systems.

What are the reasons for multiple cropping in a rural area?

Answer:The technique of multiple cropping allows farmers to achieve better results by making practical use of resources such as soil, water, fertilisers , etc. Utilisation of nutrients is maximum with multiple cropping as crops having different nutritional requirements grow simultaneously in the same piece of land.

What are disadvantages of mixed cropping?

Following are the disadvantages of mixed cropping: Applying fertilisers to individual crops is very difficult. Spraying pesticides to individual crops is difficult. Harvesting and threshing of crops separately are not possible.

What is multiple cropping and why there is a need of multiple cropping?

Multiple cropping refers to growing more than one crop on the same field during the season. This technique makes effective use of inputs such as soil, water, fertiliser etc. … However, the need is to ensure adequate supply of irrigation water to grow more crops simultaneously.

What are the benefit of multiple cropping?

Multiple cropping can increase production and income and has additional benefits—increased crop diversity, improved functioning of agricultural systems, spare land for biodiversity or other uses and reduced use of inorganic fertiliser and pesticides.

What do u mean by multiple cropping?

Multiple cropping is a form of Ecological Intensification that is potentially highly sustainable when two or more crops are grown at the same time or in a sequence.

What is multiple cropping short answer?

In agriculture, multiple cropping or multicropping is the practice of growing two or more crops in the same piece of land during one growing season instead of just one crop. … It can take the form of double-cropping, in which a second crop is planted after the first has been harvested.