Quick Answer: Is The Taurus Judge Accurate?

How bad is the recoil on a Taurus Judge?

410 shells, the recoil is comparable to shooting .

38 Spl.

+P from a lightweight revolver.

The double-action trigger pull is heavy, but not unusually heavy for a revolver of this small stature..

Can a .410 kill a human?

410 shotshell, though not as powerful as a 12 or 20 gauge shotshell, is more than powerful enough to kill someone. Yes, it would be considered lethal force.

Can I shoot 45 ACP in a Taurus Judge?

There are threads on several sites over the years with people using the moon clips and shooting the 45 acp in Judges. The chamber pressure of the 45 acp is higher than the 45 colt. Taurus does not recommend the acp round in the judge.

What is the range of the Taurus Judge?

10 yardsThe Taurus Judge As a Home Defense Revolver. With buckshot, the Judge should be considered a 10-yard gun at best. Past 10 yards, the range dispersion of the buckshot is such that the load becomes ineffective. At close range, four tightly clustered buckshot balls should produce a cessation of hostilities.

Is the Taurus judge a good home defense gun?

As a home defense option, the Taurus Judge could be an intruder’s worst nightmare. The five-shot revolver, which was designed and produced by Brazilian Taurus International and introduced in 2006, is available chambered for . 410 bore shotshells and the . 45 Colt cartridge.

Can you conceal carry a Taurus Judge?

So the Judge is a little slimmer. It is also a little smaller overall, so if you wanted to carry it, the Judge or Public Defender by Taurus will be a little easier. If you intend to carry it, that is; for most people, the Judge or Governor is a home defense gun through and through.

Can a Taurus Judge kill a bear?

Registered. 45 long colt can be loaded to similar specs of a 44 mag. Yes it will do just fine for a bear.

Will a 22 pistol stop an intruder?

22 will hit him but may NOT stop him in time before they get to you. You would very likely have to fire multiple shots to drop the intruder. … You would very likely have to fire multiple shots to drop the intruder.

What is the best 410 ammo for Taurus Judge?

The best . 410 load is, hands down the Federal Handgun 3″ 000 5 pellet buckshot. At 25 feet or less has 3-5 inch spread. It puts 5, almost 40 cal holes in a target with each squeeze of the trigger.

What is a used Taurus Judge Worth?

Taurus Judge Price Used: $330 (fair) to $450 (excellent)

What is the best ammo for a Taurus Judge?

A solid choice is the Winchester 255-grain lead bullet. This bullet exits at 770 fps from the Judge. (And 778 fps from a 4 ¾-inch revolver on hand for comparison.) Penetration is about 18 inches, ideal for personal defense, yet recoil is mild.