Quick Answer: How Many Members Are In The National Assembly Of Pakistan?

Who was the first speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan?

The first Speaker/President of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was elected unanimously by the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on 11 August 1947.

He served from 11 August until his death on 11 September 1948..

What is the salary of Prime Minister in Pakistan?

Prime Minister of PakistanPrime Minister of the Islamic Republic of PakistanFormation14 August 1947Deputyabolished, Deputy Prime Minister of PakistanSalary₨16 lakh (US$9,700), annual.Websitepmo.gov.pk13 more rows

Who elects senators in Pakistan?

Senate Election Four members i.e. two on general seats, one technocrat including Aalim and one woman are elected from the Federal Capital whereas eight members are elected from the Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) in such manner as the President may, by order prescribe.

How many members are there in Balochistan National Assembly?

balochistan (16)ConstituencyNamePictureNA-262 PishinMr. Kamal UddinProfileNA-263 Killa AbdullahMr. Salahuddin AyubiProfileNA-264 Quetta-IMr. AsmatullahProfileNA-265 Quetta-IIMr. Muhammad Qasim Khan Suri, Deputy Speaker National AssemblyProfile12 more rows

How many MPA are in Pakistan?

The Assembly was established under Article 106 of the Constitution of Pakistan as having a total of 371 seats, with 297 general seats, 66 seats reserved for women and eight reserved for non-Muslims.

What is the name of present Chief Justice of Pakistan?

Gulzar AhmedThe first chief justice was Sir Abdul Rashid. The current chief justice is Gulzar Ahmed; incumbent since 21 December 2019.

What is the function of National Assembly?

Through its debates, adjournment motion, question hour and Standing Committees, the National Assembly keeps as check over the Executive and ensures that the government functions within the parameters set out in the Constitution and does not violate the fundamental rights of citizens.

Who is the current Deputy Chairman of Senate of Pakistan?

Deputy chairman of the Senate of PakistanIncumbent Saleem Mandviwalla since 12 March 2018StyleMr. Deputy chairmanMember ofSenate of PakistanSeatIslamabad4 more rows

How many members are in the Senate of Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the Senate consists of 104 members. Election to fill seats in the Senate allocated to each Province shall be held in accordance with the system of proportional representation by means of the single transferable vote. The Senate is not subject to dissolution but the term of its members is six years.

Who is the current Senate of Pakistan?

List of senators of PakistanSenate of PakistanLeader of the HouseShibli Faraz (PTI) since August 26, 2018Leader of the OppositionRaja Zafar ul Haq (PML(N)) since August 26, 2018Seats104Meeting place10 more rows

Who is the current Deputy Speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan?

Mr. Qasim Khan Suri was elected as the Deputy Speaker of the 15th National Assembly of Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 15th August, 2018 by securing 183 votes. He was elected as the Member National Assembly from Quetta (NA-265, Quetta – II), Balochistan in the aftermath of the General Elections of 2018 in Pakistan.