Question: Who Will Provide The Labour In Village Palampur?

What kind of Labour is found in Palampur?

What kind of labour is found in Palampur.

Answer: Farm labourers come either from landless families or families cultivating small plots of land.

Unlike farmers, farm labourers do not have a right over the crops grown on the land..

How is Palampur multiple cropping practiced?

More than one crop grown on a piece of land during the year is known as multiple cropping. People in Palampur are able to grow three different crops because they have electricity and well-developed irrigation system. … Many of the farmers grew potato as the third crop in their field.

Where do farmers get Labour for agriculture production?

Average and large farmers hire farm laborers to work on their fields. These farm laborers come either from landless families or families cultivating slight plots of land, they do not have a right over the crops grown on the land. In its place, they are paid salaries by the farmer for whom they work.

Who provides the Labour in this case?

(ii) The labour is provided by him and his family. Otherwise he will employ landless labourers.

What is total area of village Palampur?

226 hectaresFill up the following based on information on Palampur. Answer: LOCATION: Bulandshahr District, Western Uttar Pradesh. TOTAL AREA OF THE VILLAGE: 226 hectares.

Who provide Labour to large farmers in Palampur?

Farm labourers provide the labour required for farming to the medium and large farmers in India. They suffer because they do not possess any land. Rather they work in the lands of big farmers for daily wages.

Which non farm activities are practiced in Palampur write a short note?

The non-farm activities of Palampur are dairy, small scale manufacturing and transport. Nearly 25% of the people enegaged in non-farm activities.

How are farm Labourers paid for their work in the fields?

Medium and large scale farmers hire farm labourers to work on their fields. Farm labourers either engaged from landless families or the families cultivating small piece of land. Farm labourers do not have any right over the crops grown on the land. … (i) Wages are paid to them in form of cash or kind, i.e., crops.

How are the communication facilities in Palampur?

Answer: Transport and communication system in Palampur are well developed and well linked. Explanation: … They have a well developed system of roads that are connected and over which vehicles can travel easily across Shahpur ie the nearest town.

How do farmers get wages in Labour in Palampur?

Answer: wages are paid in cash or kind(food). Explanation: because there is heavy competition in palampur among labourers so people agree to work for lower wages or meals.

How far is raiganj from the village Palampur?

13 Kms.Explanation: Raiganj, a big village, is 13 Kms. from Palampur.

What is the main economic activity in village Palampur?

Farming* Farming is the main activity in Palampur, whereas several other activities such as small scale manufacturing, dairy, transport, etc.

Which crop is grown in Palampur during October and December?

During Rainy Season, Kharif Crops Like Jowar And Bajra Are Grown And Potato Is Grown In October To December As A Third Crop. During The Winter Season Rabi Crops Like Wheat is grown.

Who will provide Labour to landless farmers?

Large and Medium holding large and medium-sized lands hire labourers who are usually landless labourers to work on their farms.

What are the facilities in village Palampur?

Electricity is used to run tubewells in fields and for many other purposes. Palampur has two primary schools and one high school. There is a primary health centre run by the government and one private dispensary where the sick are treated. It also has a well-developed system of roads and transport facilities.