How Much Are GTR?

How much is a GTR 2020?

Shop Nissan GT-R Dealer sets actual price.

2020 Kicks S starts at $19,070..

Is the Nissan GTR a supercar?

The GT-R is one of Nissan’s most powerful and icon cars. Nissan advertises it as a supercar you can drive every day. While it may be limited in seating capacity and fuel economy, it has great storage and is comfortable enough to be a daily driver.

First Nissan Skyline GTR Imported into America 100 Percent Federally Legal. … Due to the specifications of certain governmental regulating agencies like the EPA, DOT, NHTSA, and FMVSS, historically it has been illegal to import the Nissan Skyline GTR R32 and numerous other high-performance Japanese cars.

Is a GTR reliable?

The Nissan GTR is more reliable than the R8 according to a 2017 J.D. Power and Associates report marking the Nissan 10th in initial quality vs. the R8’s ranking of 26th in initial quality.

What does GTR stand for?

Gran Turismo RacerGTR – aka ‘Gran Turismo Racer’ – has been an acronym saved for only the most sacred of automotive machinery of the last few decades. Be it Japanese, Italian, German or British, GTR is a badge that can never be bought; only earned.

What is the cheapest GTR?

Here’s the cheapest Nissan GT-R currently listed for sale on Autotrader. It’s a 2009 model with an accident-free history — and it’s listed for just $47,000. The drawback: It has almost 90,000 miles, suggesting it’s been used as a daily driver since new.

How much does it cost to own a GTR?

2018 GT-R Coupe NISMO 2dr Coupe AWD (3.8L 6cyl Turbo 6AM)Year 1TotalFinancing$5,960$17,424Depreciation$9,796$25,772Fuel$2,423$12,863True Cost to Own®$29,725$94,5375 more rows

How much is a 2015 GTR?

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the 2015 Nissan GT-R starts at $103,365. Black and Track editions add roughly $10,000 to that price. The amount needed to get into a NISMO GT-R is forthcoming.

What is Nissan’s fastest car?

Nissan GT-RRacing enthusiasts all over the planet are calling Japan’s iconic sports car, the Nissan GT-R, the fastest car in the world.

Are GTR expensive to maintain?

Insurance is only one thing you have to worry about. The cost of maintenance is what can be really expensive. The GT-R is a quite expensive to maintain, especially if you use it for a daily driver and even more so if you track it alot.

Do Nissan GTR hold value?

Nissan GT-R: Holds 60.6% Of Its Value.

How fast is a 2015 GTR?

196 mphIt sprints from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.6 seconds and goes up to a top speed of 196 mph.