How Do You Use Frank In A Sentence?

What does it mean when someone is Frank?

1 : marked by free, forthright, and sincere expression a frank reply.

2a : unmistakably evident frank materialism.

b : clinically evident and unmistakable frank pus.



How do I know if my sentence is correct?

The Ginger Grammar Checker helps you write better English and correct texts more efficiently. Through the use of patent-pending technology, Ginger Grammar Checker analyzes the context of your sentence to correct grammar mistakes, misused words and spelling mistakes with unmatched accuracy.

How do you write a complete sentence?

A complete sentence must have, at minimum, three things: a subject, verb, and an object. The subject is typically a noun or a pronoun. And, if there’s a subject, there’s bound to be a verb because all verbs need a subject. Finally, the object of a sentence is the thing that’s being acted upon by the subject.

How do you use the word frank?

Frank in a Sentence 🔉A frank conversation was needed between the father and his unruly son. … In an effort to be frank and sincere, the doctor explained both the benefits and the risks of the surgery. … Several men in the meeting spoke in a frank manner while the others were less than forthcoming about their plans.More items…

What does Septicaemic mean?

blood poisoning caused by pathogenic microorganisms and their toxic products in the bloodstream. — septicemic, septicaemic, adj. See also: Poison. blood poisoning caused by pathogenic microorganisms and their toxic products in the bloodstream. — septicemic, — septicaemic, adj.

What does the word Frank mean in medical terms?

unmistakable, clinically evidentIn pathology, the definition for frank is “unmistakable, clinically evident.” So in the first sentence, frank indicates that the tumors are no longer occult tumors, but rather tumors that could be observed through normal diagnostic procedures. … Both terms communicate that the tumor is obvious or able to be diagnosed.

Is being frank a good thing?

Because want it or not- Frankness in comparison to honesty is a bad thing. Basically because being frank hurts the object and makes the subject feel good, whilst honesty-well honesty is good for both! Being frank is a stupendo fantabulously fantastic thing for many of us.

Is it formal To be frank?

It depends to whom you are addressing. I’ll use: TO BE FRANK – Informally if I want to further make the conversation open up for the other person/audience (providing more comfort zone) TO BE HONEST – Informally & formally both if I literally mean it & giving my opinion in my best disposition.

How can I write sentence in English?

The most common order for parts of a sentence is: subject, verb, object (if present).Steve kicked the ball.People who practice a lot get higher scores.I bought some flowers for my mother.I bought my mother some flowers.I cooked dinner and my father bought some drinks.

How do you use grammatically correct in a sentence?

In order for a sentence to be grammatically correct, the subject and verb must both be singular or plural. In other words, the subject and verb must agree with one another in their tense. If the subject is in plural form, the verb should also be in plur al form (and vice versa).

What type of person is Frank?

1. Frank, candid, open, outspoken imply a freedom and boldness in speaking. Frank is applied to one unreserved in expressing the truth and to one’s real opinions and sentiments: a frank analysis of a personal problem.

What does Frank blood mean?

frank blood. Frank blood is used to describe the obvious, visible presence of blood. Examples include fresh blood in vomit, urine, or feces, or blood that is found on the examiners hand upon examining an internal or external wound.

What is the opposite of Frank?

Antonyms for frank evasive, lying, ambiguous, timid, indirect, different, dishonest, unclear, uncommon, vague, abnormal, insincere, secretive, shy, meek, devious.

Where did the phrase Can I be frank come from?

The word frank means honest (hey, it’s my name; I should know). … Speaking frankly means speaking honestly, so honestly and freely in fact that some regard frankness as bluntness, meaning overly honest, frank to a fault. Another meaning of frank stems from the European region of France, aka “land of the Franks.”