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The Mimic Plunged into a horrorfilled high school this game encourages you to search for a group of your missing friends It can be played with up to 10 people and is full of spooky audio effects lighting and jump scares Dead Silence.

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The Mimic The Mimic is a storydriven horror game in which you look for hints in a deserted school Mimic is in Chapter 3 and is among Roblox’s most successful horror games of 2021 The game employs eerie lighting jump scares and notebased narrative.

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Murder Mystery 2 has been a contender for the most popular Roblox games in 2021 The Nightmare Speaking of murder mysteries The Nightmare ranks up there as one of the best scary Roblox horrors games of the year Taking inspiration from Among Us players must hide from the murders and complete tasks to make an escape when the exit doors open.

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The Mirror is another pretty unsettling Roblox game It makes use of jump scares and dodgy noises to scare you You’ll find yourself in some sort of underground bunker full of mirrors although the mirrors aren’t exactly what they.

Checkout Facility Horror Gaming With Anna In Youtube

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It’s not very often that truly terrifying experiences are uploaded to Roblox so when The Mimic grew to massive popularity in 2021 it made perfect sense With chillingly realistic sound design multiple thoughtout chapters a map massive enough to make you feel insignificant and plenty of jump scares The Mimic stands far above many other horror experiences on the platform and.