How To Write A Money Script For Roblox Nowadats

How To Write A Money Script For Roblox Nowadats. Hello Scripters! I need some help on a kill a zombie for money script that im making I have made a script but it only works when I kill the zombie with a classic sword However when i kill it with a gun it doesn’t work I think I know why The script cant tell who killed the zombie because the guns bullets dont have any info about who shot it Now that makes.

Op Vehicle Simulator Script Script Roblox Simulation how to write a money script for roblox nowadats
Op Vehicle Simulator Script Script Roblox Simulation from


So I am making a Roblox game and it’s a battle game I want to make a cash for kill script meaning every kill the KILLER gets +10 cash and you start off with 0 cash The name on the leaderboard should be Cash Can someone please make a script for this? I’ve tried everything on the web so I hope you guys can help.

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Roblox High School 2 is a highschool roleplay game created by Cinder Studio under the Roblox High School Fan Club group It is a sequel to Roblox High School intending to offer more gameplay features for engagementIt was initially in paid access for 25 Robux but was made freetoplay on December 14 2018 1 Shops 11 Club Red 12 Chef Umbras 13 Larry’s Car.

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Step 1 Understand what a script is Scripts are lines of code that contain instructions for a game or program to follow In Roblox scripts can be used to do everything from giving (or taking away) a player’s health points making objects move or anything you can think of Roblox uses a programming language called Lua In Roblox there are three types of scripts.

Op Vehicle Simulator Script Script Roblox Simulation

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Roblox i’ve created a new auto farm method that gets around despawn limits allowing for the creation of mega sized auto farms with hundreds of totems the farm in this video makes me roughly 1m coins per hour but has the capability of more than double that since i only achieved a half build webroblox games 5935278470 lake ozark heres the game.