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How To Use The Books In Roblox. To use the Spirit Book simply drop the book in the Ghost Room and wait for the Ghost to write in it When the ghost writes inside the book they may write one of these messages DIE DIE DIE RUN LEAVE Do note that the type of message written does not tell you the type of Ghost Ghosts that uses Spirit Book Spirit Demon Ghoul Spook.

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The Spirit Box is an item that can be used to gather Evidence in Paranormica The Spirit Box is an item used to speak to the Ghost in the Ghost Room If the ghost responds to the Spirit Box (as shown in the video below) it can be used as Evidence.

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Usage The book can be placed by pressing the Throw button If Ghost Writing is an Evidence type for the ghost the ghost has a chance of interacting with the book by writing in it This does not have an animation and will happen instantly as of the current version (11/6/21) Community content is available under CCBYSA unless otherwise noted.

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