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How To Trade Someone On Roblox. From the menu bar select File then Publish Selection to Roblox How do you trade Robux in Roblox? Open the trade browser window through a user profile If you know the username of someone you would like to trade with you can access that persons profile by searing the user name in the search box at the top of the Roblox homepage.

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Creating A TradeViewing Your Current Or Past TradesAccepting Declining and Countering A TradeTo start a new trade with another player1 Go to that player’s profile page 2 Click the button that looks like three dots in the upper right corner of the box that contains their username and friends/follower information 3 On the menu that pops up select Trade Items 4 This will open a new page that shows the available items yo.

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How to trade on Roblox You need to know who what where to trade on Roblox Who can use the trading system? The users with a membership First you need to get a Builders Club Membership or a Premium Membership and join the Builders Club Then turn on the trading option in your account by heading to Account Settings > Privacy > Trade Accessibility.

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Log in to Roblox Now that you’re a member of the Builders Club and have prepared to joinFind Builders Club members to trade with You can only trade with members of the BuildersOpen the trade browser window through a user profile If you know the username ofBuild the trade to your liking Maybe you have a surplus of Robux and want to use theseOffer a trade Now that you’re in the trade window all of your limited items and all of theView and curate trade offers Return to your profile and find your trade page which you canBe patient Your trade will be valid for up to four days and at any point during this time the.

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1 Before starting BE SURE TO TURN TRADE ON EVERYONE AND TRADE FILTER ON LOW [IMPORTANT] this is how uuc method works 2 Get a victim 3 Make a stupid bet where you will give them bait limited and fail the bet or find some way to convince them that they get free items from you 4 Send them a trade for their small and you bait is limited 5.

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Step #4 Construct your trade the way you like Sometimes you have some extra Robux and might want to use them for some valuable item However you should know that there is a trading fee for every transaction Step #5 Offer your trade Once you’re inside the trading window you should show all the items that you wish to trade in that session You can add these items to trade by.