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How To Make One Player On A Team Roblox. In todays one i show u guys how to make a roblox certain player have a certain tool!Check out the clothing group https//wwwrobloxcom/groups/6045730/Ba.

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Every time the player touches a new spawn the new location replaces their old one If they fall they will respawn on the last spawn location they touched Add the Team Service You can use a tool called Team Service to create multiple spawn locations Each team has a unique spawn location assigned to it.

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Inside StarterPack make two folders One for each team Name the folders after the teams and put in the tools that you want each team to have Players will not actually spawn with these tools so you have to do that another way Like this.

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ROBLOX has some trouble checking team names against PlayerTeam I have worked a lot with teams in my games and in the past I have found success comparing team colors rather than team names This has the unfortunate side effect of not being able to use two teams with the same TeamColor.

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By default Roblox will auto assign new players to a Team When a player joins a game with teams the game will put the player in the team with the fewest players If you do not want players to autojoin a team select the Team and then open the Properties window Make sure AutoAssignable is off.

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Unfortunately and strangely enough it doesn’t work for me I tested this script and when I changed my team it still prints my old team Here’s the script that I used function checkTeam () local team = gamePlayersslothfulGuyTeamName print (team) end while true do wait (2) checkTeam () end 1 Like.