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How To Make Detailed Roblox Oants On Mac. This problem has never happened before! Here are some shots of the blurry shirts/pants I am happy to provide more details if needed! Thanks! PS Big thanks to EchoReaper for all the help in trying to sort out the problem! 1 Like Clothing not rendering right digpoe (digpoe) November 21 2015 417pm #2 Try changing your graphics settings.

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Well it depends what type of designer you’re If you’re looking for something basic and easy to get into I’d recommend Paintnet if you’re looking for a more complicated and something which will require skill I’d say use something like photoshopI’m not saying paintnet doesn’t require skill but I think Photoshop has more things to do and harder to get into it.

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Step 1 Put together everything that you need Because you’re making easy pants you only need a few things When choosing your fabric remember that you’ll need two pieces and they need to be 5” taller than your pants and 2” wider [2] X Research source Measuring tape Scissors Sewing chalk Sewing kit A drawstring Jeans or pajama pants that fit you FabricStep 2.

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♡‧˚⊹ 。˚open me ♡‧˚⊹ 。hey guys! today i made a step by step video on how to make patchy jeansdon’t forget to check the cards for other video recommendations!.

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Click on the Create tab located at the top of the page Click on Decals in the left column Click on Browse to find your newly created decal which is on your Desktop Click OK Type a name into the Decal Name box Click Upload Wait for a moderator to approve your decal.