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How To Get Secret Ending In Hotel Roblox. Secret ending The Secret Ending is not really easy to get You need to throw the Lucky Coin into the well The monster doesn’t kill you the game kicks you because you find this ending You have a unique scene here The game cuts into a scene of the lost kid crying and then he becomes a monster This reference was the Secret Note.

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In this video I’ll be showing you guys the new Secret Ending in Hotel!Link to game Hotel https//wwwrobloxcom/games/3378223169/Hotel#!/store#Roblox #p.

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Here is it The secret ending of hotelLeave a like if you enjoyed the video and subscribe if you are new in this channel )Hotel By SamsonXVIPlay Hotel Here.

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Bad Ending If you decide to run into your hotel room after the Hotel Boss Fight you will hide in the bed The next morning a service plate will show up to your room Inside the Hotel Monster is hiding After it’s revealed it kills you Secret Ending To achieve this ending you must climb up an invisible ladder at the end of the elevator shaft.

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By @Ponchokings Earn this Badge in Airplane [Story] ️ You managed to find some more about the spooky Creature and its reasons Get this by finding the Secret Ending! Type Badge Updated Aug 30 2019 Description.

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What Is The Secret Ending In Hotel Roblox? In the Secret Ending parkouring up to the roof and then climbing a set of stairs invisible to the outside world are the main elements.