How Do You Delete Your Games On Roblox

How Do You Delete Your Games On Roblox. Method 1 Contact Roblox Support Use Roblox’s online support form to send your account deletion request Email Roblox support staff at [email protected]robloxcom and request to get your account deleted Call Roblox customer service at 888.

Roblox Three Ways You Can Delete Your In Game Account how do you delete your games on roblox
Roblox Three Ways You Can Delete Your In Game Account from

You may dump things on ROBLOX by using the backspace key while clicking on the item in your ingame inventory You may use the “equal” symbol for headwear If you’re unsure how to remove items from your main bar open the bag which is located next to the chat buttons and place them there.

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Delete a Roblox Game by Shutting Down the Servers Login to Roblox and open your game page Click on three dots and select the “ Shutdown All Servers ” option Confirm the option by selecting the “ Yes ” option.

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Under the device select the device you use for playing Roblox Note that there is no direct choice for deleting your account so you’ll have to choose the category of “Billing & Payments” and then under the subcategory select “Cancel Membership”.

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First log in to the Roblox website then click on the gear in the upperright corner of the page In the menu that pops up select “Settings” On the “My Settings” page click “Billing” in the sidebar and then click “Cancel Renewal” Follow the subsequent steps to have your recurring membership canceled.

Roblox Three Ways You Can Delete Your In Game Account

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Follow these steps to cancel your private server in Roblox Advertisement Find the server you have created for the game Click on the Menu button which is indicated by 3 dots on the right Next click on Configure Now look for the green Active icon present near Subscription Status and click on it Once you click on Cancel Payments you can cancel your server.