How Do I Check All My Warnings In Roblox

How Do I Check All My Warnings In Roblox. Whenever you get a warning or get banned take a screenshot Then in your photo album make a new album called “roblox moderation history” You can see your history from.

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Make sure to double check that your game is free of all rule breakers Be nice and don’t ruin the game for other players 3days Ban is one of the 5 types of account bans in Roblox Others restrictions are Warning 1day ban 7days ban and the worst Account Deletion And after the three warning the last one is Account Deletion.

Did roblox remove the ability to check your moderation

Roblox admins in a nutshell We at Roblox don’t want you to see warnings after you get them so that we can ban you for breaking more nonexistent rules that we refuse to tell you about 7 Share NexxCR comments on “Did roblox remove the ability to check your moderation history?” Quite an argument.

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No Way To View Moderation History TheNexusAvenger (Nexus) January 20 2016 755pm #1 Using the new settings page there is no way to view moderation history anymore unless there is a hidden button to view it My friend DonnyTheDarkOne told me about this in case anyone cares I didn’t discover it myselfJul 15 2021May 09 2020May 02 2020Aug 25 2018.

What happens if you have alot of warnings on roblox

Stay uptodate on all the latest ROBLOX events with push notifications! Our mission is to offer a robust social experience that always keeps you in touch with all of your friends and the entire ROBLOX community even if you’re away from the website Each notification is customtailored to your specific interests so you only receive updates.

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How do I Fix Roblox on my Tablet? Close the app and reopen it Reboot your device Reinstall the app Clear your Roblox data Check your date and time How do you Fix Roblox when it Wont Open? Try these fixes Fix 1 Restart your PC Fix 2 Check your browser Fix 3 Reset your Internet options Fix 4 Check your proxy settings.