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Project Hero is an Anime based Roblox game that is based on the Maga called My Hero Academia The Maga is now converted into Project hero now which you can play on the Roblox In this guide we will provide you the details about the Quirks and the abilities in Project Hero and how you can get them.

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Quirks are sets of abilities which make up the majority of player and NPC fighting capabilities Players can own and equip one quirk at a time Quirks come in 4 different rarities which determine their cost and power Common Rare Epic and Legendary Spins are consumable items which give Quirks pseudorandomly On consumption players have the choice to either discardMissing hero academyMust include.

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The most popular Quirks in My Hero Academia are highly regarded for their effectiveness in battle Meanwhile the worst ones have considerable.

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Destro preaching on using the Quirks freely With the proliferation of Quirks the government began to regulate their use A group of Quirk users known as the Meta Liberation Army led by Chikara under the alias Destro had tried to stop the passing of regulations that would restrict Quirk usage believing that free use of Quirks is a basic human right.

My Hero Academia Todoroki Roblox Novocom Top

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