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Heists Roblox. Heists are locations that can be robbed by Criminals and Villains (and to a lesser extent Police) to earn cash and XP For each heist players must return to one of their bases to cash in and receive what they have stolen A heist’s status is indicated by its map marker If a heist is open but has not been initiated the icon will be colored If it is open and ongoing the icon will be.

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Roblox City is home to many high end banks and jewellery stores It is the epicentre of most robberies the next being Los Vagues Roblox City is located in the USA and is loosely based off New York Police in Roblox city are generally low performing but the SWAT is called in as soon as any situation turns violent Roblox City has roughly 100 Billion Dollars to be found in every.

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Robberies and Heists are one of the main methods of earning cash in Jailbreak as a Criminal or Police Each heist varies in both levels of difficulty and amounts of cash Some heists can also be “robbed” by Police under the name of “robbery protecting” such as the Passenger Train Bank Truck and the Cargo Ship The first heist added was the Bank As of June 2021 the newest.

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