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Greg Will Not Hack You On March 24 Roblox Tells The Truth. HistoryAppearancePersonality and TraitsTriviaIn 2017 a large number of early Roblox accounts had their verified emails publicly leaked As a result people began trying to find passwords to these emails and send a password reset to it This is most likely the reason greg’s account was compromised On March 10 2017 a user sold greg’s account for $200 on a forum known as V3rmillion During that year like John/Jane Doe m.

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greg was a user who joined Roblox on July 23 2004 the account was mainly famous for its myth which speculated that it will hack your account on March 24 2017 Fortunately nothing happened at that time The account was also known to be compromised due to a large number of old Roblox accounts passwords being leaked which sent people looking.

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A notable example was TheC0mmunity creating a rumor around February 2017 about John Doe hacking Roblox accounts on March 18 This rumor was proven false and nothing occurred on March 18 A subsequent prophecy was created about a user called ‘greg‘ hacking Roblox accounts on March 24 which was again proven false.

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