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“Oi” — Tifany’s catchphrase TIFANY_MAYUMI is an account that gained popularity after her appearance in Albert’s video ADMIN COMMANDS HAVE RUINED ROBLOX where send her to a Roblox game called “The Forest” Tiffany first appeared in ADMIN COMMANDS HAVE RUINED ROBLOX where she was sent to the forest After this she started stalking.

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OverviewAboutHistoryDuring when Albert was using the AlbertsStuff channel he decided to make a new channel called Flamingo With the Flamingo channel happening he also made a new account called “Mrflimflam” After some things with ad revenue being taken away from Albert due to constant swearing he abandoned the AlbertsStuff channel and the Alberts account which was the account he mainly u Text under Missing profileMust include.

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OverviewEarly lifeMemes and charactersAlbertsStuff (former channel) YouTuber Information Profile AlbertsStuff Style Gaming Date joined July 20 2012 Shut down August 18 2020 Videos 1 (330370 privated) Schedule Unscheduled Status Inactive Username Flamingo Most viewed video ROBLOX SCARIEST MOMENT EVER IN APOCALYPSE RISING First video ROBLOX SCARIEST MOMENT EVER IN APOCALYPSE RISIN Text under.