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this elevator game in roblox has lots of soundand its abut 14 mins i have to check if its copyrited.

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CoOp games on Roblox are a great way for players to have fun compete and collaborate with other players Roblox is a platform that has allowed the creation of a wide range of games for players.

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An elevator that tweens up and tweens down The way you do this is by using TweenService Here is a very basic elevator script that I just made that demonstrates how to use TweenService local TweenService = gameGetService (“TweenService”) local Part = workspacePart local StartPosition = Vector3new (0 0 0) local EndPosition = Vector3new Aug 22 2021Sep 11 2020Apr 01 2020Jan 17 2020.

Scary Elevator [Survive and Escape The Killer!] Roblox

Fear Elevator Roblox Check out Fear Elevator It’s one of the millions of unique usergenerated 3D experiences created on Roblox THE DARKEST AND MOST TERRORIFIC ELEVATOR ON ROBLOX! This is a dark elevator and you will never know what will happen until it is light Invite your friends to play this elevator if they manage to pass all the levels!.

The Natural Elevator Roblox Wiki Fandom

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This Roblox horror game is one that turns down the scares a little and so can be played by players of all ages Insane Elevator makes players get in an elevator for a chance to win various rewards However with you are also various killers based on different movies and games including Pennywise the Clown Sired Head and even the Rake.