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Does Roblox Ip Ban. Roblox does perform IP bans (though only very rarely and mainly for people botting to the top page/’free robux’ bots) and there is a method in Roblox to do so for HWID bans but it hasn’t been utilized in three years and I haven’t seen anybody banned by it.

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Exploiters Beware Roblox Is Now Going Hard On Your Activity Roblox from

Hey yesterday someone tried to copy my game with exploits This so sad roblox did not do anything about it I was not that one of my fan would do that I am really scared my game would copied entirely Is there a way to IP ban someone? or.

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No if you are IP banned from Roblox it is not possible torecover your account Any attempt to recover your account or get onRoblox another way on that PC is.

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7Day IP Ban This is an IPbased ban imposed for severe violations of Roblox’s ToS That means your IP address will be blocked Bypassing that ban using a VPN can lead to your account being terminated for good if caught Termination Once your account is terminated you’ll have 30 days to react and try to reinstate your account Failing.

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It is possible to receive a ban while already banned allowing unusual total ban times like 95 days If an account that opened Roblox Studio first on the IP gets banned the account gets poison banned from Studio until the time closes.

Exploiters Beware Roblox Is Now Going Hard On Your Activity Roblox

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Yes IP ban does exist in Roblox IP ban exists in any game Most games just don’t use it but unless needed then yes they will Don’t try to do illegal things like exploiting in Roblox games.