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Colossus Legends Roblox Colossus. Codes can be found on BeasTakip’s twitter account the game description or in the official Colossus Legends discord server and can be redeemed by entering it in a box when you click on the “Codes” button _ To view more information about the code items click here.

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The Colossus Legends Twitter Codes are redeemed for coins and sometimes an item They are released on twitter and expires in any updates while some will be permanent There are currently 10 codes 6 are expired and 4 are still working also a code someone forgot thats expired THANKSGIVING2019 its a rare code that gave you the turkey helm theres also a sword.

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Roblox Colossus Legends Codes (February 2022) By Pro Game Guides Staff Updated February 1 2022 Our Roblox Colossus Legends Codes has the most uptodate list of working codes that you can redeem for a bunch of free party hats! You’re going to need these hats for a decent HP/Mana boost which will help you defeat even stronger colossus.

Roblox Colossus Legends Codes (February 2022) Pro Game

Weapons can be earned in many ways whether it’s defeating a Boss or buying them in the shop! They include the following Bronze Sword Gelluit Steel Sword Urukjor Zhusting Djanort Tonbeau Black Sword Attack Blade Katsumi Part 1/3 Bond Shatter Dragon Sword Light Blade Scrumptious Blade BeasT Blade Katsumi Blade Steel Greatsword Dragon Greatsword Shadow Blade Golden.

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The Aqua Scythe is the second event item in the game(after the Lightning Staff) It Have no special effect with F for the moment but will coming soon and like all the Scythe it’s a twohanded weapon To have it you need to have the handle and the blade with 5% chance of getting each of them The handle is in the Dungeon Valley and the blade is in Ashborne After getting the parts.

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You played Colossus Legends! By Scrumptious Studio Earn this Badge in TRADING Colossus Legends This badge is awarded to everyone who played Colossus Legends! Type Badge Updated Apr 06 2019 Description.