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Change Roblox Installation Folder. I just upgraded from Windows 81 to Windows 10 and I have been trying to install ROBLOX I tried downloading from both Chrome and Microsoft Edge but it still would not work A popup comes on saying if I want to look for an app that can open this kind of file I tried and their were no results.

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Roblox and Roblox Studio is a case in point Other software I have often been asked “for this user or all users” I installed Blender as well and although it only created a link for the user who installed it since it installed in a common “Program Files” folder I was able to copy the user desktop link to the other account and it worked.

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You can also change the default installation drive via Settings This is a very simple method 1 Click Start 2 Go to Settings > System > Storage 3 Click the Change where new content is saved link 4 Expand the list for New apps will save to and then select the location you want to use to save the newly installed apps 5 Click Apply to save the changeMissing robloxMust include.

Change the Default Installation Folder (C: \ Program Files

Locate the Windows Apps folder and rightclick on it Select Properties from the dropdown menu Select Security Then select Advanced Go to Owner There click Change Enter Microsoft account email address Check the box next to ‘Replace owner on subcontainers and objects’ Apply your changes Locate and click your account in the list Click Edit.

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As Windows games and apps store heaps of data your PC’s performance can be slowed down If you want to clear your Roblox cache files on Windows 10 follow these steps Close the Roblox app Go to C Users (app local data) Delete the Roblox folder and restart your PC Reinstall Roblox If all else fails uninstall Roblox then reinstall it.

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Most of the time ROBLOX Playerexe is safe for you Windows You can check the file location to determine if it is safe The legal RobloxPlayerLauncherexe process is located in the c usersgabydocuments\robloxplayerlauncherexe folder If it is located elsewhere it may be malware as the virus can use any name.