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Blue Banded Top Hat Roblox Wiki. Sailor Cap https//webrobloxcom/catalog/10058505/SailorCapBlue Top hat https//webrobloxcom/catalog/5315110536/BlueTopHatCheap version is REALLY gooMissing wikiMust include.

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Blue Banded Top Hat is a limited hat that was published in the avatar shop by Roblox on February 18 2011 It is a part of the Banded Top Hat series It came out of Telamon’s Mystery Box It became a limited item on September 2 2016 As of May 7 2021 it.

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A normal noob wearing the Beautiful Hair for Beautiful Space People hair the Obscure Horns hat the Blue Banded Top Hat hat and the Censor Bar face mask Location Behind a rock behind the first space station on the left from home Trivia Based off of the Roblox account Excel_Blue Noob is on the border of both Mars Town and Surface areas.